When a person gets food poisoning and is on their hands and knees vomiting in the toilet when suddenly they lose all control of their bowels and shit their pants at the same time.
man I ate some China Express yesterday...got home and pulled "the Torre". It was a mess.
by TOdoubleD October 12, 2008
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Describing how bad something is
'Your trim is actual torrs' 'My team played torrs at the weekend'
by kiws3 October 10, 2020
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a true love, somebody you can lean on, who always be there for you. The only person, who can ever really love you, because they care about you on more than a physical level.
by Diondra September 25, 2006
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The most outstanding, beautiful, sweet, sexy, freak in the bed, girl of ANYBODIES dreams.
Torre has a butt.
That's my Princess Torre.
by Abaxley August 5, 2015
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(n.)to miss an open net in football
man: Van Persie did a torres at yesterday match
friend: Yes, but at least he scored another chance
by hamza February 11, 2013
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(Verb). To have a night out on the town, have a lot of very expensive drinks and finish the night without scoring.
Oh man, Johnny torres'ed so hard last night.
by hanseh April 20, 2011
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To be invited to an event, and commit to go but at the last second decide to not go out of pure laziness. Similar to flaking, but worse.

Lying and saying you're almost at point B when never have left Point A.

Making extreme excuses to not be at fault for not going with your commitment.

a.k.a Max level of Flaking/Fronting
Hey Jake are you coming over for the party tonight? It's going to be great.

- Yeah man Ill be over there in an hour.

Jake never shows up.

Jake! Where are you !?

- Sorry girlfriend needed me because something came up

by Superman1992 May 1, 2012
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