...the closest you will ever get to the best music ever invented.
The Mars Volta is an eargasm addiction, give me my daily fix of vitamins T-M-V now!

Everything else just sounds so...boring
by jboi May 3, 2007
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Prog-like band which fuses prog, blues, a bit of jazz, and of course, internal headphone gravy. Some despise them. Some bow to them. All and all, a great band regardless.
by Rie November 11, 2003
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A band that originated in Texas from post-punk At the Drive In, (also a great band), and decided to reform to develop numerous concept albums. The first, being De-Loused in the Comatorium (the story of a past band member Julio Venegas who commited suicide), is a masterpiece, blending Latin roots (some members are hispanic), trademark post-punk rock riffs, jazzy interludes, progressive and experimental synthesization and much more to create a deep, emotion-filled record. Their recent release, Frances the Mute, is just as legendary, yet focuses more on the song length and digital paraphernalia rather than conventional song-structure. And for the Mars Volta, this is definetely a good thing.
The Mars Volta are indeed a special group of musicians. Their cd booklets are strewn with philosophical and aesthetically stimulating images and words, fueling their contemplative sound. They cross many boundaries and break the barrier between conformity and musical subconsciousness. They are madly orginal and insanely creative.
by stray March 6, 2005
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Prog band from Texas. Mixes alot of Salsa, and Jazz with there straight foward prog-rock. Amazing lyrics, will blow your mind. Your ears will orgasm to Omars wicked guitar while you listen to Cedrics voice.
"Frances the Mute is one bad ass song." (Notice I said song, not album
"Frances the Mute is one bad ass album"
"De-Loused is better than Frances the Mute album."
by calvinownsj00 May 26, 2005
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The best and most original band in the world. This band does not fall under any category of music. They are their own stuff. The music they make is so fucking crazy it makes you want to jiz your pants. After the break up of the band At the Drive-in, mars volta was born. And what a wonderful thing that was.
-Hey bud, whats that stain on your pants?
-Oh shit, I must of been listening to Mars Volta.
by Justin Merk January 20, 2004
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the name "mars volta" in every language mean by far the most amazing band ever. so amazing they are their own genre. even more amazing that no other band ever could fit in the mars volta genre.
you: do i hear god playin music?
me: no, your listening to mars volta
by Xephon April 14, 2004
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Most amazingly diverse band on earth, full of great fcuking music, actually creating their own genre of music. Look up " At the drive in" for more info
Beware- Mars volta can cause sudden urges to hump or kiss the computer speakers.
by Razor burns June 27, 2005
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