"I have the perfect plan for tomorrow, beach then strawberry picking for smoothies!" - person 1

"I can't, I'm going to Georgia for 3 weeks" - person 2
"GD!!" - person 1
by CAweeeehoooo July 10, 2009
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Gangsta Disciples. Part of the folk Nation.6 point star.Star of King David.Colors black and blue. Chicago Based.South Side originally. pitchforks up. Tha illest muthafuckas on ya block. Everything to the right. Most money is made from slangin boulders up the blocks of the midwest mostly. Larry hoover, david barksdale. BOSS= Brothers of the strong struggle.
by Wesley Wilson February 7, 2004
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The acronym for the game "Geometry Dash" mostly used by people that are either too lazy or are used to tying that. This word is mostly used by Geometry Dash players and Geometry Dash youtubers that want to refer to the game so that Geometry Dash players understand.
Friend: Hey, want to play GD?
Me: Hell yeah!
by Syntex77 March 31, 2017
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Gangster Disciple, a chicago based gang belonging to the folks nation. Their colors are black and blue, all gang identifiers and symbols are worn to the right of the body. The six pointed star of David, and the upward facing pitchfork are commonly used as a symbol.

See also BGD.
All of those guys are claiming GD over south.
by CD April 5, 2003
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General Discusion, one of the many forums on Gaiaonline.com. Often refered to as the GD, or the GeeDee, the GD normally doesn't have much discusion in it. Half troll-turf, half prommie-land, all insanity.
Wow, since when has the ED been sending the n00bs to the GD?
by Slightly Kitsch May 5, 2007
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gd is another way of saying god damn
gd shortened way of saying god damn
by ¿tsunami! May 29, 2007
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GD is an acronym or, abbreviation, most commonly for a well known Street Gang. The Term GD means "Gangster Disciple". "GD", started in Chicago Illinois, mainly South Side. Some of the gangs symbols are as follows :

* SIX Pointed Star, The star of David (main symbol)

* Playboy Bunny With Right ear folded down or Bent down

* An upward facing pitchfork

* A three pointed, Rounded edge crown

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstandings with GD. GD is usually what most would call, a "Crip". You may also hear, them refered to as FOLKS GD's Gang colors are Black, and MAINLY Blue. A member will ALWAYS wear any attire, like hats, or anything with a "bill" on it, or sometimes, earrings, to the right side of the body. With a member of GD, which is also slanged as a, "G", anything MUST be blue, black, or white (neutral color), and hats MUST be worn to the right. Anything to the left, or any RED colored attire is considered a violation from the Gang, and the gang will deal with the "violator" accordingly. GD can be very organized, and have Laws, and rules that each member MUST follow strictly. Any "rule breaking" may also result with violation. GD has many different branches, that are usually considered, G's or GD's or "Crip Orientated". These "branches" are usually called "clicks" such branches might be as follows.

* BOS or BOSS - Brotheres Of The Struggle / Brotheres Of The Strong Struggle

* BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation

* SICC or SICCMADE - Soldier In A Crucial Click

* IGD - Insane Ganster Disciple / Imperial
Gangster Disciple

* BGD - Black Gangster Disciple

* 08 ball - Eight ball Posse

* Hellraisers - No Abbreviation used

* SSB - South Side Boys

GD is very feared in some areas by the general public. They are usually the types of people who "wont start no shit, unless you bring it" They sometimes have a moto of...Dont go looking for trouble, let trouble find you. GDs are also well known weapon carriers. The preferred weapon(s) of a member of GD is usually a .9mm hand gun, .45 handgun, mac 10s (rare), and sorted knives and "shanks".

GD or any GD related gang revolves around the number SIX (6). In reference to the six laws a member of GD must follow. These Laws must be followed at all times by a member. The GDs are usually at "war" with VLs, or commonly known as Vice Lords. Gds are also very territorial and dangerous at times.
That guy is in GD, represent your six!
by imbored1123 May 29, 2007
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