Her eyes often cry - not her, her eyes.
Will get aggressive within a cooking environment.

Will get aggressive within a movie watching environment.

Will get aggressive.

Diceptively ginger.

Winks can be mistaken for a disability - They are in fact her meting call.
by GrandmasterjimjM January 5, 2019
man who likes to climb things. particularly gutters and or skyscrapers
Friend: Have you seen Cole roush anywhere?
John: Yeah, I saw him climbing the gutter just a few minutes ago
by Mashedpotatoes420 April 24, 2022
Poster child for a hardworking American man; honest, sincere, loyal, generous, clever, witty, funny, smart, thoughtful, polite, respectful, creative, handsome, chivalrous, romantic, deep, one in a million kind of man.

Anyone that has found themselves in this mans presence should consider themselves so lucky.

Women will spend an entire lifetime regretting having let this one get away, and the one who gets to spend her life with him is considered to be blessed beyond measure.

Jesse Cole Farris is the definition of dreamy; eye candy
Jesse Cole is every woman’s idea of the perfect lover, life partner, soulmate, and best friend in one man.

Jesse Cole Farris is a sight for sore eyes and a breath of fresh air.

You say American Badass, I say Jesse Cole Farris.
by Beingsteph August 1, 2022
The posterchild American badass. The best catch out of all the fish in the sea. Making his acquaintance will make your day and will be a moment you won’t soon forget.

Don’t let this one be the one that got away should you be lucky enough to keep him.
Perfect example of a man with all the best qualities and characteristics.
If you want a man that you can count on, Jesse Cole Farris is your guy!
by Beingsteph August 6, 2022
A Mr Cole loves the system of clocks and how they work. There are many things that a Mr Cole adores, writing fives (in one singular motion) , anything to do with feet and being in any classroom that has no whiteboard tables. A Mr Cole cannot stand students being on task and will purposely make them get off task. A Mr Cole tries to conform certain students to obligatory tasks and denies them the civil right of speech by taking their hats. A Mr Cole also has the hots for Desmos.
Person 1: Oh I have the hots for Desmos
Person 2: Oh no, not another one. Person 3, he's a Mr Cole
Person 2:*tearing up* no person 3, they are no longer people, we have lost them to the dark side. They are now Mr Coles.
by DonnaHat November 8, 2022
She is better than All of y’all folls and doesn’t look like Aunt Jamima she is great at math and she will kill you if you mess with her.she is beautiful .
by Unknown8371 April 14, 2018
probably one of the hottest people in the world. but he’s a player but also god idk like i don’t like him i like texting him bc he matches my energy theo text yk
holly shit have you seen cole robinson she’s acting like a cole robinson
by eysbsieidncmcoslnff April 20, 2021