A freeway in southern California that always seems to have tons of traffic
There's always a traffic jam on the 91.
by thisby July 1, 2006
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George W. Bush's IQ. Exactly half of Bill Clinton's IQ.
George W. Bush's IQ of 91 is exactly half of Bill Clinton's IQ.
by jimbobjoeshmoe January 6, 2004
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91 is a sexual position that is similar to the 69, and is most commonly used by people of lesser intelligence. The position is initiated when an attractive woman, represented by the '9', spoons with a rich Jewish man, represented by the '1'. Their relationship is based entirely on his money and her weakness for the phrase "I own a Mercedes-Benz and went to Harvard".
Me: "Daniela, do you like to 69?"

Daniela: "Nooooooo, it's all about the 91!"
by KeepDatWomanOnALeash February 21, 2011
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When something is so good it’s gas. Premium fuel. 91.
Dude my girl just sent me nudes.
We’re they good
They were fucking gas yo! 91!
by Mitsubi89 December 8, 2020
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George W. Bush's IQ! Damn that's hilarious!

I was searching the web the other day looking for president IQ's, and when I read his IQ I totally cracked up!

To show you what I mean, he did these things, seriously:

He waved to Stevie Wonder (He's blind)
He said the French don't have a word for entrepreneur. (Entrepreneur is a french word.)

He has the IQ of my little sister. Way to go, Dubya!
George W. Bush's IQ is 91!! He's dumber than most kids at my school, no surprise.
by Dymelle January 28, 2010
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