When expressing how good something is.

Originating from Knee slapper
"Have you heard that new Dr. Dre beat? That shit Slap!"

"How good is it? " on to which you would reply "THAT SHIT SLAP!"
by Yung Deezee October 24, 2019
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That shit slap” simply can mean multiple things such as something being super cool or super weird. You just have to use it right
“Bruh caleb is dating Brittany

“Damn, fr tho that shit slap”
by Mr.finesser August 28, 2017
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When the song or album is really good.

Deriving from when people used to “slap” in their cassettes.
Play that one album by N.W.A., that shit slaps!

Did you hear that new song she just released? That shit slaps!
by Lotsofur August 20, 2020
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The act of bum rushing a fucker on the toilet and slapping the shit out of them....
Mom ask's why Im home so early from school? My reply... I got suspeneded for Shit Slapping Andrew Brown in the bathroom!
by Ray July 2, 2004
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shit slap - when one takes a wad of shit in their hands and then proceeds to slap a person
I shit slapped Tyrone yesterday. He had to wash his face afterwards from the sting and the feces.
by Rohan Patel September 14, 2007
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The act of shitting into a rubber glove (i'm talking heavy,thick,long deep cleaning rubber gloves) and then beating any living thing until they/it becomes unconcious.
"You're about to get yourself shit slapped"
"I'm bored, anyone want to go with me to shit slap small children and their mothers at the park?"
"You worthless waste of skin, i'm going to shit slap you into a coma!"
"Anyone on AIM wanna cum over and give me a real good shit slapping? I'm so wet for you"
"when the paperboy asked for a tip, i shit slapped him"
"we should totally start an underground shit slapping fight club! that'd so sooo tight dude. totally"
"the neighbors dog wouldnt stop barking last night so i went over and shit slapped it to death"
by Anthony Stewart June 19, 2006
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Something that is good as hell. PERIODT.
Hey you been to Dairy Queen? Aw that shit slaps!
by Potrick12 January 8, 2020
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