a very popular unisex vietnamese name.

if you meet a guy with this name and he isn't a fob (fresh off the boat), then he clearly decided to keep the name even though he grew up in america, given the option to change it like most asian americans do. or at least go by a nickname.

that's basically because he's fucking awesome and he's too cool to care if people can't pronounce it.

he'll most likely be decent looking with a great personality. he'll probably be really smart too. not the "i know a lot so i'm smart" type of person, but rather the type to stomp on IQ tests. other than that, he'll be the type of person who's pretty good at everything he does. yes that includes anal sex. he'll also be known to get a lot of girls for his nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills. you know, because girls only like guys with great skills.

oh, and he's probably a fucking ninja.
it's a name. that's it. you don't use it as an adjective or a verb. sorry. if you're thanh, then you're thanh. if you're not, then you're not.
by HiLo34984 February 4, 2010
It is one of the very common names in Vietnam. Usually for a girl. Actual meaning in Vietnamese: Blue, pure.
Do you wanna go to a movie with me Thanh?
by Joe Raymond May 31, 2005
Thanh Thanh is a increably nice and smart girl. Most guys especially guys named Terry want her. She is really nice cool and beautiful.
Terry: wow that girl is so beautiful her name must be Thanh Thanh
by Shadowhunter 101 February 24, 2017
Thanh is a fucking cool dude who like gaming and listen to music. His penis size is very big and he could get any girl he want. Thanh is very funny, charming, and he is hot and one day he will he famous.
Look there Thanh, he is so charming
by Anoy January 11, 2019
She‘s a very intelligent and beautiful person. She‘s also a food lover and a little bit crazy. Her laugh is so funny but she also can get really mad. Thanh always helps her friends with the homework and she likes a boy called j....
Julia: hey Anna, want to go to the party?
Thanh: huh party? Hahahahah
by Annaliebtcarina123321 January 11, 2019
A typical Vietnamese guy who have a huge cock but only one hanging testicle.
I am Thanh, I have a big cock and one long testicle
by thisguyyouno November 22, 2021
Gia Thanh is a Vietnamese American MC, game show host, and writer for Vietnamese language televisions, newspapers in The United States.
Gia Thanh begins with an exciting anecdote to grab the audience's attention.
by Game Show Dong Vang September 23, 2020