Acronym for Toxic Guy Syndrome. When a guy, despite having a girlfriend, tends to let his lower head's thoughts overpower his upper head's thoughts. Basically when a guy thinks with his penis instead of his brain.
Guy 1 : Hey, man I haven't seen Stephanie around in a while.
Guy 2 : Yeah, bro, I think I have TGS.
Guy 1 : Oh, you cheated on her?! With who?
Guy 2 : Some hot piece of ass I saw at a party last month.
by Sexican619 May 28, 2008
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Tgs is a form of Bike trials involving Taps, Gaps and side hops.
it is a very contreversial style as it is single moves apposed to fluent lines.
It is Disliked by many members of the bike trials community as many riders of this particular style are arrogant, illiterate and cocky people.
Many TGS riders also enjoy "inch-Pinching"
Tarquin:Hey look at that Sidehop!
Klause:Yeah, hes a TGS rider.
by Adamsomethingornothing August 02, 2008
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Acronym for "This Game Sux".
Nerd1: Hey dude, have you played at new supermegagigareturn of SuperMario?
Nerd2: No way dude, TGS!
by Big_Will June 17, 2008
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Abbreviation for "typical girl syndrome". When one has TGS, they exhibit what the stereotypical girl would do. Usually used to describe something annoying to the rest of the world. Examples include excessive shopping, extreme sensitivity, or obsession with Orlando Bloom. The phrase is sometimes used as "T-G-Fucking-S".
"Dude, my girlfriend bitched at me last night because I didn't notice that her hair had been highlighted! Talk about TGS!"
by Veiros February 24, 2008
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