4Chan's "traditional games" (i.e. D&D, Monopoly, etc.) board, occasionally called /d/-lite by its denizens and other 4Chan boards. A place where trolls troll other trolls and some people will insist that using coasters is the only thing that separates "normal" people from mass-murderers
by Fa/tg/uy November 17, 2013
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short for TOO GOOD
also commonly seen as tgtgtg
i'm just tg!
omg that's tg!
it's not just good, it's TG!
by devil_eric January 14, 2009
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used by unpolite French. It means "ta geule"( = STFU )
#1:you are a noob !
by John_LC December 12, 2006
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Acronym for Toxic Guy Syndrome. When a guy, despite having a girlfriend, tends to let his lower head's thoughts overpower his upper head's thoughts. Basically when a guy thinks with his penis instead of his brain.
Guy 1 : Hey, man I haven't seen Stephanie around in a while.
Guy 2 : Yeah, bro, I think I have TGS.
Guy 1 : Oh, you cheated on her?! With who?
Guy 2 : Some hot piece of ass I saw at a party last month.
by Sexican619 May 28, 2008
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