When someome only has a relationship with someone via text messages. Usually they have to bust out their cell phone to recap a conversation or any event involving the person.
"...oh wait. Where's my cellphone. I need my cellphone to tell this story about my friend."

"Must be another textlationship."
by chris.tine April 23, 2008
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A relationship between two people using text messages. Really just an added step in the relationship process but probably makes it easier for the verbally challenged to "break the ice"
I never would have commented on the size of your breasts if we weren't in this textlationship
by Tnp12rocks April 4, 2017
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Having a relationship in your own voice in your own head but somebody else's words being reiterated by someone else.
A textlationship of the derp derp derp derp derppppp.
by The capn May 20, 2018
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