A possible nickname for an orgy. Can also be used in a more formal way; testicle festival.
That party last night sure was a testy festy
by krusont September 29, 2021
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A mans ball sack or penis that is decorated with jewelry from piercings that make it look rather Festive.

Types of male piercings: Ampallang, Apadravya, Cleopatra, Dydoe, Frenum, Guiche, Hafada, Prince Albert, & Trans-Scrotal Piercing.
At the gay bar the new way to ask another male if he is pierced down there is to ask if they have a "Festi Testi".
by SassyJax01 February 8, 2012
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When you hook up with a guy at a festival whose testicles are sweaty and smelly.
I'm so excited to hang out! But if you wanna do your own thing or you know...have a festie testie encounter be my guest.
by ClawGee April 9, 2014
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Full Name: Testical Festival

synonym: Sausage Fest, Sausage Suaray

Definition: multiple guys >10 in one spot, partying, talking together. Where you hope to god no gangster shit is going down!

It's a light hearted joke amongst real Men, who don't get all upset and are not sensitive to insults, because they know where they stand when it comes to sexuality!
Yo Yo Yo, what's going on here, looks like a testie festi!
by Emmd September 13, 2021
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