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Hey Macha, look at that guy prancing around acting like a little female dog. Such a Gindian!
by Emmd July 4, 2019
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1. When a woman or mans ass (being politically correct) is so big you can see the ass outline in the pants.

It looks like the pant is pleading to the person looking 'please help I'm about the bust right open at any point'

2. Gangsta talk: Yo Man that bitch has a chunky ass!
That is one CHUNKY ASS, looks like back end of the moon!
by Emmd November 8, 2014
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Acronym: Whats In It For Me
Spoken as a word: WHIFFFIM

1. When your the hardest worker in the office / team, yet others get promoted, even though the boss keeps assigning you tasks. Just shout out: WHIFFIM

2. When your at home and your wife asks you to do any sort of cleaning duties. Just shout out: WHIFFIM (hopefully you get more giggy giggy).

3. When that mate of yours (the one that continually asks you for favours) Just shout out: WHIFFIM
by Emmd February 2, 2019
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Full Name: Testical Festival

synonym: Sausage Fest, Sausage Suaray

Definition: multiple guys >10 in one spot, partying, talking together. Where you hope to god no gangster shit is going down!

It's a light hearted joke amongst real Men, who don't get all upset and are not sensitive to insults, because they know where they stand when it comes to sexuality!
Yo Yo Yo, what's going on here, looks like a testie festi!
by Emmd September 13, 2021
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(1) women’s lips once filled with Botox

(2) Women’s lips whom a addicted to Botox

(3) Women who love to roll their lips while pouting and taking a selfie.
(1) that bitch has some big ass sausage lips. Must be kissing to many rectums.

(2) those lips are so big, looks like she has sausage lips
by Emmd November 19, 2020
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