A surface piercing located anywhere on the skin of the scrotum. The Hafada (or scrotum piercing) does not penetrate deep into the scrotum, and is relatively painless due to the looseness and flexibilty of the skin in that area.

The piercings can be filled with Captive bead rings or barbells (flat or curved).
John Doe just got a Hafada to go with his Prince Albert and Guiche!
by Dennology August 06, 2008
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basically, a hafadas is a piercing in the male genital region. Its in the upper part of the scrotum.
Dude, I just got my hafadas pierced and my girlfriend thinks its really hot.
by flame May 20, 2005
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A series of piercings running along and perpendicular to the crease of skin in the center of the scrotum. Can be accompanied by a frenum ladder and/or a gouche ladder
Sure, hafada piercings may be traditional in Arab culture, but why get a hafada ladder?
by SoulfulZen January 17, 2006
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