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One of the most underappreciated instruments in the woodwind section, the Alto Sax is tuned to E-Flat, a Fourth higher than the Tenor sax,an octave higher than the bari sax, and a fifth lower than the soprano sax.
Our Saxophone Ensemble features 5 Alto Saxes, 2 Tenor Saxes, and 2 Bari Saxes.
by totallyrandom May 17, 2008
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One of the best sounding saxophones in the entire band, the tenor sax is tuned to B-Flat, plays a Fourth lower than the Alto Saxophone and a Fith higher than a Bari Saxophone. Tenor Saxophones often have a very mellow sound, and can carry a melody, or do harmonies and the like.
when i play the tenor saxophone, anyone in the vicinity immediatly starts nodding off.
by totallyrandom May 17, 2008
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To lovingly kiss your bf/gf straight on the lips.
As we walked in the door, my girlfriend smooched me.
by totallyrandom March 26, 2008
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A member of the woodwind family, the saxophones consist of the E-Flat Sopranino, the B-Flat Soprano, the E-Flat Alto, the B-Flat Tenor, and the E-Flat Baritone. These are one of the coolest instruments to play, and perhaps the easiest to learn.
In our jazz band, we have 5 Alto Saxophones, 2 Tenor Saxophones and 2 Baritone Saxophones
by totallyrandom May 8, 2008
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