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The peculiar variant of English spoken in America. Subject to constant change, usually due to musicians and TV personalities making up new words all the time (intentionally or otherwise).
<Brit> This lad comes in here, he's speaking all Americanese, and expects people to understand him.
<Brit2> Someone needs to teach that git proper English.
by Evil Timmy February 8, 2004
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Used primarily by people in the tech support field, it refers to the desire to hit a stupid user over the head with a board, in the hopes that their brain will actually work properly.
The boss says he broke his 'coffee cup holder' again...would someone fetch me a clue by four?
by Evil Timmy February 19, 2004
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1. Relaxing, chilling out
2. (Geeky) Period of time when a server or service is unavailable
1. I've been working all week, let's get a bottle of vodka and have some downtime at my place.
2. There was some downtime on SlashDot earlier today, and thousands of nerds were later found dead, of self-inflicted stab wounds.
by Evil Timmy November 22, 2003
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Red Xs. Refers to the image Internet Explorer displays when it can't download an image.
What an idiot, he tried to post some pictures of himself, but they're all rexes.
by Evil Timmy April 25, 2003
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Request for comment - traditionally, the way standards were implemented on the web. Someone proposes a set of rules for a certain action, others comment on it, and it's eventually finalized. Applications will often say they conform to RFC something-or-other to prove they interoperate with basic standards. The RFC most people use daily is RFC2616, aka HTTP/1.1
Someone needs to draft an RFC for a stab-idiot-IRC-users-in-the-face protocol.
by Evil Timmy September 27, 2003
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A pirated copy of Windows purchased in an Asian country (so named for the stereotypical Asian mispronunciation of the letter 'L').
I was in Hong Kong and this guy on the street was selling these dodgy-looking CDs labelled 'Rindows' and 'Frotoshop'.
by Evil Timmy February 7, 2004
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Late Night Player - Someone, generally male, who ignores members of the opposite sex until last call or until they might be going home, then switches on their game in hopes of scoring with minimum effort and time expended.
Dude, why did Jack just ditch that girl to go to the store?
No worries man, he's an LNP, come 2:30 he'll be all over her.
by Evil Timmy March 27, 2008
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