Before adult, after child.

At eighteen and nineteen, even if there's the word TEEN in the number, you're an adult, not teen.
Look at the definiton of adult, 18+.
It wouldn't make sense to be both an adult and teen.

Also, "adult" movies are always 18+.

You'll often hear "A TWENTY year old TEEN got caught in an accident..." in the news, but they just want to sound clever. (it actually fails, because no one looks clever by calling a twenty year old adult "teen")
This girl is a teen, she's 14.
by Guest01344 March 01, 2007
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1. Humans between the age of 12 and 18.
2. (internet)Any woman between the age of 18 and 70.
by Alan. May 02, 2006
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An age group of people who are very misunderstood. They are young and just want to have fun and live their youth. Yes the make noise and say rude things but let's face it we were all teens once.

They are just crossing the path of becoming an adult and leaving childhood however this may leve some very confushed beacuse they have to be 'mature' yet they are too young yo vote and they have to 'enjoy their youth' yet they are to young to party hard.
Adult 1 : " look at that group of teens up to no good over there"
Adult 2 : *hears the word 'teen' and automaticlly things sex loving drug adickted lazy alcoholics*
by abcfefghi January 22, 2012
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People aged between 13 and 19 (some people seem to think its more, frankly, their stupid, American or French) Also there seem to be an endless suplie of teens for porn. V. strange as that would only included 18 and 19 year olds! :-S
I am a teenager (not in the porn business you sick bastards!)
by Chuffy July 22, 2003
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Someone between the ages 13 and 19.

3 reasons (but not all) why it's good to be a teen:

1. You're treated almost like royalty considering what your parents have to go through ("the talk," which isn't really needed since most teens know that by then, putting up with all the "phases," being guilted into giving money, etc.)

2. You usually meet your main group of friends in this time of life (the people that you consider your best friends, and hang out with a lot)

3. Too old for Pedobear

3 reasons (but not all) why it's bad to be a teen:

1. You're more vulnerable to peer pressure, which may result in addictions and more

2. Right around now is the time that labels begin to be given to you (maybe even earlier)

3. Now, or earlier, you may have to say goodbye to a few friends that are going to different schools

Popular genres of music (as of 10-17-2010):

Hip Hop
And a lot of fusion genres

Common labels (as of 10-17-2010)

Babies: 0-1 Years Old
Toddlers: 1-3 Years Old
Kids: 3-10 Years Old
Preteens: 10-13 Years Old
Teens: 13-20 Years Old
Adults: 20-Death
by Lucio Soph October 17, 2010
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The years between roughly 13-18. Most go through a natural rebelious phase and are pressured to make a hecca lot of decisions. I am ialmost/i a teen. :)
I ish the teen! Rawr !?!
by The-unreal slim shady February 20, 2005
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any person age 13 or over - around 20. So basically high school. these days, they are very material and cover up their real emotions. these people are into dating and care about how they dress. they are too old for disney channel, but too busy to watch the news. life is hard. they are still figuring things out.
Teen: wow. great. still not caring.
Tween: like OMg I CannOT believe This is happening to me!!!! the world must like hate me or something! :(
Adult: Oh dear! I will take action on this right away!
by imnotcool February 04, 2010
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