3 definitions by Veritazium

At the fast food restaurant A&W order a double Teen burger and a Baby burger. Then put the Baby burger inside the double Teen and viola you've got a Teen Pregnancy burger.
"I was pretty hungry so I ordered a Teen pregnancy burger."
by Veritazium June 7, 2022
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It is an old irish saying meaning to be fed well enough to become fat. Ex: Your sides are fat enough to cover your backbone.
Man: Aye lad, have ye got your sides o'er your back yet?
Boy: Yes sir I have eaten my fill.
by Veritazium May 6, 2021
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At A&W order two Teen burgers and a Buddy burger. Put the Buddy burger between the Teen burgers.
"Let's go to the dub and grab a fuck buddy each"
by Veritazium June 7, 2022
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