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to continuously and intentionally confuse someone with the goal of getting on their nerves. the person who's teeked usually does not know they're being teeked (i.e does not know the teeker's intentions), but end up being confused and upset.
She keeps talking to him about politics. She's not really interested in politics, but she's just trying to teek him.
by Masterteeker December 28, 2016
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A person who is able to lift more than a standard human being. Most definitely able to carry 3 times its own body weight. Always getting bigger and stronger by the day.
This guy is so teek he can deadlift his own tacoma out of a parking stall. This guy's probably a Justen.
by soljah37 February 22, 2008
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a named created by "40oz", by simply reversing the words "skeet skeet". esentially, the most balla person ever an XSV OT legend

Teeks > you

"Teeks Teeks, weatherman 'bout to make it raaaaaaaaain"
by Crazy killin' Crackas March 03, 2008
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female ejaculate; female bust; female version of skeet
im'a beat her pussy up till she teeks.
im'a fuck her till she teeks.
by no ur name January 22, 2006
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Slang in the UK for 'The Kissy Whisperer' otherwise known as Monks or Barry.
Oh my God... Teeks won't stop kissing his bird!
by general-legend July 14, 2011
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When someone chats in a conversation or conference and every sentense are of maximum of 3 to 5 words continuously.
Person A: Hey how's life?
Person B: Life is great.
Person B: like
Person B: a neverending story
Person B: and
Person B: its really amazing
Person B: i think i'm really good
Person B: how bout?
Person B: are u doing fine?
Person A: Dude you are teeking!
by krakustaxr December 07, 2006
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