Guy:u know teejayx6
Guy2:yea the one that helped me learn how to scam
by Yea Ii:” October 15, 2019
The embodiment of illegal activity normally seen wearing black air force ones and lacks a haircut
This scamming shit turned me to teejayx6,
Nigga tried to rob me so I had to get the blick, next bar
by dnm_jay June 1, 2020
A rapper from Detroit, Michigan, specializing in rapping about scamming people and other illegal activities. His most well known songs are "Dark Web", "Website Scam" and "Blackmail", all of which have over 1 million views on YouTube. Also known for the "Dynamic Duo" series alongside his best friend (and rumored cousin), Kasher Quon.

His flow is unorthodox to say the least, rapping off-beat and often on songs such as "Swipe Story" or "Swipe Lesson" doesn't even rhyme.

Once got out of a concert by faking his own arrest, complete with rent-a-cops. Also notorious for having out of pocket bars about his scamming lifestyle, including scamming his own grandmother and robbing and otherwise bullying his little cousin.
Teejayx6 taught me how to scam.

"My uncle said in World War 2 he shot at a T-Rex!" -Teejayx6, unreleased song
by WWEFAN89 May 17, 2020