Similar to a weeaboo
This is a person who wishes to be British when is not,
They may go so far in wanting to be British they may try to put on the British accent or eat British food, whilst sometimes insulting the British culture
Teeaboo: Aha! Good day sir! I love tea and crumpets
Man 1: British people don't even do that! Dude, stop being a teeaboo
by DucksThatDig December 27, 2016
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One who participates in the unhealthy, new trend of Anglophilia spurred by such shows as BBC's Sherlock and Dr Who. Comparable to weeaboos in their fervour and cringe-inducingness.
Gary used to be fun to hang out with, but ever since he discovered Dr Who, he's become a teeaboo, complete with Tom Baker scarf and a penchant for slipping 'timey wimey' into every sentence.
by sophielou90 November 24, 2015
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Teeaboo: "omGG jane! have u seen that new episode of sherlock?! its so good!"
Normal human: "Shut up Lexy, your British accent doesn't sound fucking British and your panties are damp from tea urine"
by butteredfairy November 10, 2015
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Hardcore fans of British TV shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock. The word itself is a portmanteau of the words Tea and Weeaboo
Teeaboo; Isn't Doctor who the best thing in the world?!
Random Person; Meh
Random person; fucking Teeaboo
by Dragonsandman November 24, 2015
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A Teeaboo is a person who wants to be British when isn't.
Similar to a Weeaboo, Americans may try and act British by putting on a accent or trying to regulary drink Tea and Crumpets, whilst insulting the British Culture.

The most common collection of people who are Teeaboos are Americans.
American: I just love Tea and Biscuits it's so nice!
American 2: Man, stop being such a teeaboo, you're always American
by DucksThatDig December 26, 2015
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similar to a weeaboo and a koreaboo, teeaboo is basically a non-British person who watches British things like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey etc and all of a sudden thinks that they are an expert on British people and British culture. They usually try to be British by dressing up as their favourite British characters (like Harry Potter for example) and putting on a shit accent, but failing miserably and looking like an idiot, whilst also offending every British person on the planet. They think they are experts on British culture because of the "knowledge" that they think they have gaines from British entertainment

KEEP IN MIND: Somebody can still like the U.K, British culture and British people without being a Teeaboo
"Sarah is such a fucking teeaboo, she keeps having tea with biscuits whilst harassing all the British people in our workplace and being very offensive with her shitty attempt at a British accent"
by Aguero2992 July 22, 2016
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A non-Brit whose appreciation of quaint, English customs, Harry Potter, Dr Who, Sherlock etc is about the limit of their knowledge, forgetting that modern UK is nothing like a lot of these shows portray for most of the people living there.
Teeaboos are not particularly new, as Americans and non-europeans have enjoyed twee and anachronistic visions for decades, such as the Richard Curtis movies that were cynically marketed to US audiences, while bizarrely extinguishing the presence of non-whites (see Notting Hill) from London.
Weirdly, children's sci-fi Dr Who is more demographically realistic in it's portrayal of modern Britain than most popular exports, but is still 'London-centric'. Unfortunately, this is because the BBC is Londoncentric in its programming and ignores many other regions of the nation, with their own rich histories and cultures.
'I just love THE British accent and tea and Sherlock!'
'Which British accent would that be, you strange teeaboo?'
by Klaatu's Nikto December 6, 2017
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