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A member of a British hooligan movement during the 1950s and early 1960s. Named for their mode of dress, which was a modified Edwardian style.
"No need to wash, it's likely to rain, just bring your cosh or bicycle chain. Today's the day the teddy-boys have their picnic."
by Potatojunkie February 07, 2005
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by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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A British youth sub-culture of the nineteen fifties. They mixed American greaser music and styles with more traditionally British elements such as frilly edwardian dress. They would influence both the rockers and the mods of the nineteen 60's.
"Where have all the Teddy Boys gone?"-The Kinks
by Hunter Murcdock June 13, 2008
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Particular strain of British youth culture of the 1950s, adopting a look that combined Saville Row elegance with American-influenced street-hood style. The Teddyboy, or Ted, listened to rock 'n' roll music, smoked cigarettes, and generally posed as a tough. There are still a few Teddyboys around, particularly in places such as Germany and Japan.
Long black jacket with a velvet collar
I`m a real cool Ted, I`m a crazy fella
Drainpipe trousers, crepe sole shoes
Ringlet stockings, boppin` the Blues
Are you ready to rock
It`s the Teddyboy Bop

(song lyrics by Foggy Mountain Rockers)
by John Lucas September 14, 2004
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a 1950's style of clothing one would wear. typically being a drape coat(smoking jacket is also typically worn), a dark coloured shirt (formal) brothel creepers (shoes, in swede) and a bootlace tie. the name "teddy boy"originates from British Edwardian dressage. teddy is also short for the name Edward
by irishrainbows92 October 24, 2019
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Teddyboy are guys who are super beefy and big but kinda ditzy. They are kinda just going with the flow of life and are super huggable and sweet. They are also very respectful and protective over people they care about. Although they are super sweet they are also really scary and intimidating when they want to be.

I love them so much and I need one right now.
T: You know Tyler, the quaterback, he scares me.
J: Oh Tyler? He's a total teddyboy
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by kokoala July 10, 2021
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