A pleasure inducing entity for those who consider themselves gadgeteers. Involves locking oneself in one's room and playing with objects of a technological nature. Often times people with lisp's or strange voices who can not socialize normally because of their impediment are accustomed to a love of technological activities as well as hold a fondness for all sorts of gadgets.
"Technology rules!" (commonly shouted by gadgeteers in conjuction with a hand sign meaning "I am a loser!")
by Yo Yo Yooo February 20, 2007
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It is what will bring the damnation to all of human life. It represents what will destroy us as a race in the future.
by Ziggy December 22, 2004
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A mobile device intended to make communication with other people easier and more efficient, e.g. a BlackBerry, iPhone, mobile phone, or laptop computer. Said technology frequently fails to work as intended, so the word "technology" carries notes of frustration and irony as well as appreciation. Since mobile technology devices evolve quickly, it is much easier to say "technology" than to refer to them by model name.
1. "I can't find the freeway entrance. Can someone use their technology to get directions from Google Maps? 2. "I'm trying to look his number up, but my technology is taking forever to load the page... god, this technology is so useless." 3. "I'm so tired of using this technology, I just want you here with me." - Justin Timberlake
by Kate Kickflip Losse August 12, 2007
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First coined by young ingenue Judy Alexander, "Technologies" is a term for any kind of awkward social interactions/dynamics. It can be used as either an adjective or a noun.
Yeah, she was my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend and I guess I was wearing these shoes that she left at his house a long time ago, so it was total technologies.


Don't listen to those girls and what they say about you, they don't know anything, it's just technologies.
by Jules the Astonishing May 19, 2004
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Term used to describe a sexual toy, usu. for a woman.
DAYUM! I didn't know that you get that much technology all up in there!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
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