A conservative republican who protests against income taxes by rubbing their nutsacks in each other's faces.
Senator David Vitter is a teabagger who wants to cut government programs during a recession.
by notmyrealname99 April 10, 2009
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A living humanoid baring a skull that is vacant of a brain and a mouth that is only silenced while suckling on an oversized scrotum hence the name "tea-bagger".
Teabagger: Did you hear Obama is planing on contaminating our waters with a chemical that will encourage us to lose weight and prevent us from fornicating with our close relatives.

Random Person: One can only hope.


Person with Oversized Scrotum: Hold on. I'll Shut him up. Here... open your mouth and say ahhh.

Teabagger: Bout' time you showed up. Come to poppa.
by uzi killer September 18, 2011
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A douche who whines about govt spending after his party went on a spending rampage with bankrupt policies and morals, a party that started a war for no reason and who spends money only to protect the rich.
Crazy teabaggers who make less than 50K are getting bent over desks and screwed by Republican millionaires but then they whine about how the Democrats are hurting them.
by hulamonkey April 19, 2009
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christian bragger, diversity lagger, anti-fagger, environmental dragger, equal rights clagger, pointing finger wagger, fox news tagger, truth gagger, fear jagger, greed swagger, tax sagger, world peace fragger, douche bagger
Can you believe they nearly assaulted an innocent man at their anti-mosque rally? Yes, they're a bunch of Teabaggers!
by non-bagger August 25, 2010
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someone that rubs their crouch in someone else's face , they can have underpants on, but most of the time there are no underpants.
"Hey! IF I have to tell you one more time, no teabagging tonight, you teabagger!"
by urmombix August 19, 2003
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1. Real Lamer, loser, idiot.
2. Watcher of FOX news (this definition may be redundant).
I guess I am a teabagger. I wanted to protest taxes, but just wound up with Dick Armey's balls in my mouth.
by roger the doger April 19, 2009
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1. A fascist right-wing conservative who opposes affordable healthcare by shouting at public gatherings.

2. A fascist conservative who protests living wages, affordable healthcare, and corporate accountability by dipping his nutsack into the mouth of another right-wing moron.
An avid teabagger, Larry Craig lowered his sweaty nutsack into Sean Hannity's open mouth while watching a replay of his Fox News show
by Keepitsane October 27, 2009
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