Surfers who sit on their board (i.e. tea bag it) and take up space, while not catching any waves.
Look at all those tea baggers out at Malibu
by Hanson March 18, 2003
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Any guy who drives a Ford Explorer "Sport" (the two door model).
This espescially applies to Explorer Sport drivers with bicycle racks mounted on top of their vehichles.
by Joe December 01, 2003
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Usually goes by the moniker Leaning Left, It is someone that enjoys this bizarre sexual practice while masturbating to Bush pictures
Leaning Left has a secret love for GWB and would love to be his tea bagger
by eastern shore lib March 29, 2010
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I. Dropping your balls on a face.

II. A patriot who defends the United States Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, peaceably with non partisan tax increase protests. FOX News has been partially successful at hijacking this movement which was started by members of 9/11 Truth and grew with END the FED and infowars. Massive town hall outrage over Obama health care from the elderly, a large democratic voting block, fueled these people. The movement peaked recently on Saturday September 12th, 2009 with over two million people marching on Washington DC in protest. U.S. media reported only thousands attending. U.K., German, French media reported the truth of millions.
I. This girl kept asking me if I could be her teabagger. So I laid em on her chin

II. The Four Fathers of this great Republic we call the United States of America.
by rillaguerilla September 14, 2009
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(1) A useless, washed out, good-for-nothing politican, generally incompetent; (2) a White House denizen who worships a nacissistic, ego-inflated president without questioning.
Barack Obama-teabagger, Nancy Pelosi-teabagger, Harry Reid-teabagger, Rahm Emanuel-teabagger, mindless liberal teabagger (with apologies for the redundancy).
by Sylvanus Thayer November 21, 2009
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A disorder of a repressive socialist who desires to demonize freedom loving Americans.
The teabaggers attacked the tea bag party participants by projecting their own feelings of inadequacy upon the crowd.
by Mrs. Liberty March 25, 2010
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A two-stroke liberal who, as the active sacker, demands higher taxes from the working class, while at the same time, as the passive cup, pays as little tax as possible by staying on welfare, unemployment, or both, resulting in self-teabagging. This is a true teabagger and can only be considered perverse.

(WARNING!): Such a symbiotic feat can only be accomplished after the entire backbone has been replaced with migrating adipose tissue! Not recommended for Republicans or skinny Democrats, (usually addicted to heroin).
Without exception, a run-down shack with a rusted car frame in the yard, sleeping bloodhounds, low eves and high weeds, belongs to a teabagger.

(May interchange with: libocrat, abortion-survivor or double-dip-sucker.
by Parsifal's uncle July 19, 2009
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