A rather inappropriate term unfortunately misunderstood by the Tea-Partiers, who make ridiculous signs announcing that they will Tea-Bag all the democrats.
- Hey Billy, lets join the brigade and TEA-BAG Obama like there's no tomorrow!
- Sounds like a plan Bobby!
by fredelina April 23, 2010
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Is when a guy is squatting over a girl and dipping his scrotum in and out of her mouth...
like dipping a teabag in a cup.
by U wanna Tap some Bong January 04, 2006
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Similar to the Yokozuna, where one surprises a sleeping/intoxicated person by placing the scrotum on their forehead, and usually taking a photograph.
He got tea-bagged in the Hilliard Room
by Marquiz May 06, 2003
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verb. to crouch over a kill in a video game putting the scrodum onto victims face/mouth in an act of humiliation
i tea-baged the noob i assasinated in Halo
by fatality1 May 11, 2010
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A bag with a string attached containing herbs to help make the drink known as tea. It is placed into hot water and dissolved. Sometimes it is brewed and/or iced.
Put the teabag into your mug full of hot water to make a delicious and refreshing drink.
by DinahRose March 26, 2007
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To click in the left analog stick when standing over a dead body's head in Halo 3.
by Evil Tediz February 07, 2008
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when someone is sleeping and you drop ur pants and put your balls in their mouth
by clittney March 19, 2003
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