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He is cute-cool-hot and he is also a sports player but most of all he is loving but has anger isues.
Hey tayvion
by Lala word swag April 10, 2016
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A little dick nigga that sucks little kids buttholes and old ladies toes. He like to fuck apple pies with his dick and he fucks his cousins. He tryโ€™s to pull girls but they donโ€™t like him because he is a ugly lil dick nigga. He beats his meat with tweezers and he likes it in the bum from Donald Trump.
Holy shit look at his dick... itโ€™s almost like Tayvionโ€™s.
by DJ Shmeat On Da Beat May 21, 2018
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A pussy ass bitch that gets on everybody nerves to the point you want to beat his ass
Tayvion is a pussy
by Jacob Spuril May 26, 2018
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