Fan name for TAYLOR SWIFT

A beautiful singer who has loved singing at a young age, she is inspirational to many young girls and is known for dating several celebrities.
"omg taytay is so pretty and her new single is awesome!!"
by ~~~a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s~~~ March 15, 2014
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A town in the province of Rizal in the Philippines; A town in the province of Palawan in the Philippines
Guy 1: Where do you live?
Guy 2: I live in Taytay
by Polandballph June 10, 2018
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Omg, TayTay did such a good job last night!
by SongGirl07 May 12, 2006
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Fucking hot,sexy,gorgeous,will make you, you need a taytay in your life asap no rocky,she makes dicks hard
TayTay is so hot i wish i had her in my life
by TayTay's Daddy July 9, 2021
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see boobs bewbs knockers
an intentional mispronunciation of titties
pronounced tay-tay's
(.)(.) normal taytays
( . )( . ) big taytays
( o Y o ) huge taytays
also a way to say titties without anyone noticing or understanding.
katy perry has nice taytays
by nuckchorrischrist July 16, 2011
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The nickname for the romantic relationship between Taylor Lautner, of Twilight fame, and Taylor Swift, country songstress. A relationship inferior in cosmic importance to Robsten (Rob Pattinson + Kristen Stewart), as it is less likely to make rabid Twilight fans foam at the mouth and fly into mass, ecstatic frenzy.

AKA Squint Squared... for obvious reasons.
"Aww look, TayTay. They're cute together."

"Too bad nobody cares cause the world revolves around Robsten."
by Oh No She Didn't December 13, 2009
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