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someone that is usually in the back of the room.they are usually very shy but are actually very kind and outgoing
that guy seems like such a tayshawn
by amazing A 7777 February 27, 2015
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A cool guy and handsome he's sort and nice he's kind and fun, sometimes annoying but he's cool he's a badass at gaming and his dick isn't that big but it's a nice guy to have as a boyfriend, he needs to be loved like everyone else dose.... He has friends by the Name of Adian And Nathan.
Tayshawn is so cool.
Tayshawn is the bestest friend ever.
Everyone should be his friends.
by Death storm March 09, 2019
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Tayshawn is someone that could flirt wit yo bitch and he is very kind to girls but depends who is tho but yea he really fucks wit them short black girls and plays hella basketball
That guy seems like a Tayshawn
by Yo mama butc April 11, 2019
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