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taylar's are the kind of girl's who every girl should be jealous of. they are very smart and has a determined attitude. she is humble and strong but very down to earth and not self centered. she has grey/blue eyes and and wears glasses. she has soft brown hair. her smile will brighten anyone's day and her laugh is highly contagious. she is very welcoming and always strives to make others happy. she makes the most amazing girlfriend a guy could ever have. she has a very professional outward appearance but has a hidden naughty side.
1. I just stayed up till 4 in the morning talking to taylar

2. I do so much for my girlfriend taylar because she has done so much for me and she deserves it.
by BOOGER April 03, 2013
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Taylar's are very beautiful girls, usually gray or blue eyes with brown hair. Everybody likes Taylar, or may be mean to her, but secretly wants to be her yet they will never admit it.
She likes to move on to different guys fastly, so take her while you can. She has a smile that will light up the whole room, and knows how to make everyone laugh. She's the perfect girlfriend and the best friend anyone could ever have! (:
"Wow, dude he's got a Taylar! I wanna steal her!"
"I wanna dump my girlfriend for a Taylar!"
"Good luck, they are hard to find, man"
by volleychickkk547 November 21, 2010
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Taylar is the best girlfriend in the world!
shes loyal,smart,funny and best of all CUTE!

I couldnt imagine my life without her and i'm glad shes my girlfriend<3
Taylar gasca
by TJ6111 June 04, 2011
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A rare female spelling of the uni-sexual name most commonly spelled "Taylor." Commonly mistaken to mean an upside-down blowjob
Taylar is not an upside-down blowjob
by hallnut February 18, 2010
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a blowjob or head at a party or gathering
Dude i just got a taylar last night!

You know what would feel good right now? A taylar.
by yomommaaa January 12, 2008
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She’s a ugly hoe with a lot of acne . She smell like onions and they made a song about it . She go with this nigga name denilluian they both need some proactive 💀 cause they both got horrible acne and both of their breathe stinks 😷. Denilluian was caught at cascade kissing another girl while dating Taylar . Taylar Jones is a hoe and her nigga don’t got no respect towards her . He calls her bitchs and hoes everyday 😭.. she should have stayed with Eddie instead of deinilluian That’s the tea ☕️
Ha! You with taylar good luck bitch 🤦🏽 ♀️She stank !
by Unknownhoeurbans February 09, 2019
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