Tatta is annother word for dutch peoples founded by foreigners(allochtonen) in holland.

they are mostly 2-5.
Geez that dude is a real tatta, look at the gimp blastings /Nohh die man is echt een tatta, kijk die gimp blastings.
by Xib Xib April 25, 2004
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Jo lund keh nbeechay latakte hain

Tattay jitna bhee uchal jaein, lund se oopar nahin jaa sakte
by Bobb January 17, 2005
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one single male ball.
plural - tatte.
origin of word - india.
if kicked hard, tatte hurt.
by whatsupman April 21, 2003
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teri ma ke tatte dekh ke tere baap ki gand phat gayi!!
by tera Baap August 23, 2003
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A dutch slang meaning white male or female it can be used for name-calling or as to describe white friend like saying my nigga
person 1: Bruh that tatta has booty!
person 2: You on weed? Her ass flat like my phone
by zeroqaurantebokoe August 09, 2015
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