(Noun): Someone who appears to be covered in tattoos, but is in fact, not. A classic tatfish tattoos only their hands and wrists, neck and chest to give the appearance of being covered head to toe in ink.
(Noun): the tattoo version of a classic catfish; tattoo poser
"Damn look at that badass inked babe! I wonder what the rest looks like."
"Careful man, that girl is a total tatfish. What you see is all she got."
by LUCIPHURR June 26, 2018
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The act of someome pretending to have a tattoo that they don't actually have.

This is commonly achieved through image theft, photoshop, temporary tattoos, henna, fabric arm sleeves, markers,or even something as simple as verbal bluffing.

This is a separate phenomenon from people who sport fake tattoos or henna for costuming, acting roles, or decoration without the pretense that the "tattoo" is permanent.

If you find out that you're being tatfished by someone, RUN. The same people will fake pregnancies, suicide attempts, and all manners of things without remorse.
"Did you see Kaylie's awesome new chest piece that she posted on Facebook last week?"
"I just boned her yesterday. Her chest was clear. She's tatfishing you, bro."

"I realized he was tatfishing me with his pubic 'tattoo' after my saliva smudged it."

"Everyone knows that if you ask someone if they have a tattoo and they allude to having one somewhere private, there's a 50/50 chance they're just tatfishing you."
by TruthsHurt September 17, 2016
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