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Tarnation is a euphamism for "damnation" or even "eternal damnation" just like darn is a euphamism for damn or as heck is to hell. It is used to show disgust
by Larry Wenzel December 17, 2006
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Another word for hell also see Heck. Mainly used in the southern part of the United States in the late 19th to early to mid 20th centuries.
1. What in tarnations is going on here?
2. What in tarnations are you doing to that cow Billy Bob?
3. Where in tarnations did I put my corncob buttplug?
by Kenny August 22, 2003
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1. A synonym for "hell" originating from the Southern U.S.

2. Part of the "wot in tarnation" memes
Farmer: *sees cityslicker on*
"Wot in tarnation?!"
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by What in fucks name March 09, 2017
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Often associated with the area of North Carolina when soldiers and settlers would walk through the piedmont region and their feet would become covered in tar. Thus the term "tarnation"
What in tarnation is going on here?!

Where in tarnation is the wheel to my trailer!?
by Queen Bee May 13, 2003
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Often replaced in memes for another word rhyming with it.
tarnation is used in memes
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by SUS BOY February 27, 2017
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a common word used in the south to describe great upheaval and disliking or shock.
me: is that a dog?
by icymike January 30, 2017
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