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Synonym for retarded or if you're PC, special needs, mentally challenged, etc.
I have to go work with the tar tars as part of my community service.
by J969 February 10, 2005
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1. (n.) a yellow residue that is left behind on teeth as a result of over-consuming large amounts of pure alcohol, and not brushing your teeth. hill billy

2. (adj.) savage, uncivilized, barbarian, whorish, not having any moral boundaries, untalented, drunk
1. Guy #1: Dude, I was making out with that girl last night, but I didn't want her to go down on me cause she had lots of tartar on her teeth.
Guy #2: Yea, sure, THAT'S why you didn't get laid.

2. Reporter on TV: ...and the dog walked itself home. Coming up next, "Teens-Turned-Tartar."
Guy watching TV at home: "Hey honey, come watch, they're about to interview Miley Cyrus!!"
by hehehello888 January 24, 2010
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Mental Retard, or used as mentally retarded. I.E. There is no plural
Shut up you tar-tar
Look at the tar-tar bus
by Harvey Owens April 28, 2003
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a rather large and masculine woman who wears slutty clothes usually reserved for attractive smaller women and possesses a very large penis despite claiming "her" femininity.
Your sister is a tar tar.
by s money July 29, 2004
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What extremely rich people say in passing when partaking in rich people activities. Also see - "ta ta"
My, we must be on our way or else our chauffeur may not be able to transport us to the scheduled polo sporting event in a timely fashion. Tar tar.
by Urbanabru January 09, 2017
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