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A throwback to the time of the "taming" of the wild American west, in whose various saloons prostitutes were often referred to as "strange," taming strange refers to engaging in the sexual conquest ("taming") of an unfamiliar ("strange") woman.

The term would certainly not be used when referring to one's own girlfriend, with whom we can logically conclude the man would have some degree of familiarity.
Your dick is gonna fall off if you keep taming strange without wrapping it up.

Taming strange is so much more stimulating than fucking the same person over and over again.
by Kingsburier January 08, 2016
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To control a woman's pussy, as though you were trying to control or tame a wild horse.
Hey Matt. Yeah Bro! Last night after my girl and I argued we had grudge sex. And I totally taming strange.
by BlackReyne February 26, 2014
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