A verb phrase meaning to masturbate (Males Only). The origin of the word comes from Tokyo as we try to make ambiguous phrases to hide meaning from people who kinda speak English
I'm going to go home and talk to the dog...twice
by JPCarl September 4, 2008
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A common Phrase originating from the phrase ' Yipping Dogs ', most commonly practiced or used after someone says something, which seems highly unbelievable, one would replay ' What is that i hear ....it's a .... it's a ....O, its a talking shit dog! ' , implying your disbelief in the previous statement.
Dude i just got a 30 man kill streak, only with grenades! ... wait ... wait ...whats that i hear ? ... O YES !.... its the talking shit dogs !
by Khornewarrior April 19, 2010
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Bob: I got some fire head from a talking dog last night!

Joe: ??????
by Zohle December 2, 2020
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A app where you talk to a lazy dog revived by a black man saying do you love god? 3 times until he replied no.
Black guy(speed)do you love god? (Talking dog) no.
by Talking dog(Ben) April 22, 2022
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