To be an extreme or special instance, as if it wins a cake for being so extreme or special. Usually used in the form "I have seen/heard a lot of (variable), but (this) takes the cake." A common, but aging phrase in Scandinavian languages.
A: Did you see that girl?
B: Yeah. I've seen a lot of girls in my life, but she takes the cake.
A: I'd let her take the cake any day.
B: You're an idiot.
by Bennyishere January 13, 2009
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To excell to the point of winning. Originated from slaves "cakewalking," a dance to imitate and make fun of ballroom dancing. Some slave owners would hold cakewalking competitions, and reward the winner with a piece of hoecake.
"That boy can dance!--he's got what it takes to take the cake."
by KiwiVanilaXtract September 18, 2007
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One who "takes the cake" is the drunkest person(s) within the group.
Who's going to take the cake tonight?

Bobby. Bobby likes to party. He's taking the cake for sure
by JaWu June 11, 2007
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When you or people did something so over the top outrageous, either good or bad, in the greatest of ways, that it literally excelled so far at what was done, there is no comparison in known history, to say someone else went further.
On top of everything they did, destroying that kids life, years later on, they after the girl they cost him to use as a leverage on him, this one really takes the cake, you honour.
by Aerick Lux Star Emperor December 16, 2013
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When a womans booty is noticeably big.
Joe:Damn look at that girls hot ass!

Sean: Yeah man her ass takes the cake!

Joe: Nah bro, her ass takes the whole bakery!
by Blondgirl90 October 18, 2016
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