Mkaay I guess its time for me to take leave and let you think
by suckamyballs February 26, 2014
When a nigga tells a bitch to either take what their giving or leave it right there
Nigga is trying to hit take it or leave it
by Ink kid November 1, 2017
John: The coffee was great Mark, my compliments.
Mark: You are being too kind. Do you want some cookies?
John: I'm sorry, but I have a meeting in a few minutes, I take my leave.
by AlbertM August 16, 2009
A polite way of dismissing oneself from a meeting, gathering, conversation, or any situation that you may need to be excused from.
I thank you for your generosity and understanding and with that, I take my leave.

Well, tonight was most wonderful but I'm afraid I must take my leave.
by SnarryShipper3 December 23, 2016
Similar to "Take it or leave it"(i.e. "this is your only option") but with a more sardonic edge.

I think this comes from a special edition of the Gilbert Shelton cartoon strip "Fat Freddie's Cat", in which the eponymous character narrowly escapes a genetically modified death at the hands of a mad, well, furrier.
Kid: What is there for dinner?
Dad: I'm cooking lasagne
Kid: wailing I don't like that
Dad: Well, take it or leave it, mein furrier
by John D W May 30, 2006