To make fun of someone or something, often to mock in a satirical way, or to attempt to fool someone in a manner of telling them an outrageous story.

Often used also to cast doubt on the truth of a statement.
A:"You know, the timers on British nuclear bombs were so bad in the 50's, they thought of filling them with chickens to keep them warm enough"
B:"WHAT! Are you taking the mickey?"

C:" Well, you parked in just the right place here, didn't you?"
A:" Instead of taking the mickey, just find me a big rock to chock the wheels with . . "
by D F STuckey April 7, 2004
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Joking, doing something without intent.

Making fun of someone or something.

A less offensive way of saying taking the piss.
"That was funny!"
Her prominent eyes swam with tears as she gasped for breath, staring at Ron. Utterly nonplussed, he looked around at the others, who were now laughing at the expression on Ron's face and at the ludicrously prolonged laughter of Luna Lovegood, who was rocking backwards and forwards, clutching her sides.
"Are you taking the mickey?" said Ron, frowning at her.
"Baboon's … backside!" she choked, holding her ribs. -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by Cassi S. July 17, 2005
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To take the rise out of someone - to make fun of them. This is Cockney rhyming slang, Mickey Bliss = piss.
by Wombling Free October 18, 2012
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using someone as the butt of a joke, lightheartedly. Non-offensive humor.
'Are you taking the mickey?'
by kdc June 27, 2003
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Derived from Cockney Rhyhming Slang - Taking the Mickey Bliss - piss

A very British way to ask if someone is taking the piss - ie making fun of you.
Trudy - I love your new trousers!

Judy - Are you taking the mickey?
by Dave Robertshaw August 21, 2008
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To minimize someone by ridicule, mockery or derision, especially if the clueless subject does not realize he or she is the target of ridicule. British in origin and similar to "taking the piss" out of someone.
Dick: (with mock sincerity and theatrical enthusiasm) Dang it, George! You like totally RULE, dude! I can’t decide if you are like, a great president…or like, THE greatest president!

George: (with feigned modesty) Shucks, Dick…t’aint no big thang!

Laura: (to George) CLEARLY, you are as dumb as a box of hammers and I would like to kick you as far as I could kick a lemon meringue pie…as usual…Dick is TAKING THE MICKEY OUT OF YOU!

Tony: ‘Fraid not, Dodo-brain girl! George IS the greatest (and cutest president) EVER! Boys rock!

Laura: (exasperated, to Tony) Shut your festering gangrenous pie hole, you putrid tool! Crawl back into the Masterpiece Theatere “Veal Crate” you crawled out of, boneless-boy.

George: (to Tony) Yo, Tony!!! Who’s Mickey?
by Cinnabone Hilton September 28, 2006
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