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The act of going into cold weather wearing only jeans after sweating. The cold then freezes the sweat on your balls and ass, causing a mild flux in thermal temperature around your taint, instantly freezing your balls to your taint.
"Man Mike, we shouldn't have ran up those stairs! My balls are sweaty, and fuck dude, its cold outside, i might get a taintsicle if im not careful"
by MTDEW6678 June 20, 2007
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A TAINTSICLE is when you stick your icy cold big toe between someone's balls/vagina and thier asshole. You are giving them a taintsicle.
Mark is sleeping so peacefully. I should wake him with a quick taintsicle job.
by Taintsicler December 08, 2008
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This word is largely undefinable, but here are possible usages for it...

1. An exclamation of good happenings. A celebratory word along the lines of "tight" or "fuck yeah"...

2. A declaration of crappy circumstances. A word used following a disappointing turn of events similar to "damn" or "this sucks"...

3. Icicles forming beneath the taint forming as the result of extreme cold.
"I hooked up with a hottie last night! Taintsicle yeah!"

"I hooked up with an ugly ho last night! Ah taintsicle!"

"It's so freaking cold out that GD taintsicles are forming beneath my taint!"
by Joey Taintsalot December 12, 2009
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