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A sexual act comprising of a woman (without a penis or any protruding penis-like object in the genital region) thrusting her hips vigorously upon a male's tailbone so as to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Tailboning is a common pastime amongst nymphomaniacs and sexual deviants alike. Often a quick, random action, tailboners get some of the best orgasms known to man and to the Pagan gods.

Music to tailbone to: Fela Kuti, Death Grips, Charles Mingus
I was laying down and she was on top of me trying to fuck my ass with no dick. My tail bone wrecked that clit and she orgasmed for days. Tailboning gets me all the concubines.
by Fiskeleton August 31, 2015
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Last night, hit a good lick. I brought home three figures easy for about two hours worth of my time. Not too bad I don't think.
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by Nikki Stixx January 18, 2021
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The act of having sex with someone using your tail in place of or in unison with a penis.
furry 1:Hey man did you see that new yiff flash from zone-tan?
furry 2:Hell yeah!They were tailboning hardcore!
by Passing June 24, 2014
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