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(Dehm-ith-eyez): noun.
An expression of something partway between sympathy and empathy; demithy is characterized by a type of empathy that comes not from incredibly similar situations one can draw from, but rather from situations in a similar derivative vein to the situation being demithized with.
Sen: I wish I could empathize with his car crash, but I've never had a car crash!
Den: Then ask your brother about the time he got mugged at gunpoint, so you can Demithize.
by Passing January 10, 2021
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the uncanny feeling that the video you're watching will soon be invaded by John Cena and his fanfare.Similar to spidey-sense.
Pablo:I'm telling you man, I was watching a 21 jump street video, you know the one, when my Cena-senses started tingling.
Pablo:Yeah, and sure enough, 5 seconds in, "My name is-JOHN CENA!"
by Passing September 01, 2015
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The act of having sex with someone using your tail in place of or in unison with a penis.
furry 1:Hey man did you see that new yiff flash from zone-tan?
furry 2:Hell yeah!They were tailboning hardcore!
by Passing June 24, 2014
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A specific type of 4way which requires the four participants be (in order from bottom to top) Mexican, White, Black, and another Mexican. This way, you have the marshmallow and chocolate between two pieces of graham cracker. A s'morway.
Yo Brett, didja hear about Carlos, Sandra, Tanikwa and Jose? They're gonna have a S'morway!
by Passing December 16, 2020
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when someone disrespects your manhood.
chick: you can't even pay for dinner or kill a spider, what's wrong with you
guy: damn quit steppin on my dick!
by Passing July 16, 2014
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This rule states that, when playing Murder in Gary's Mod, if any two people share the same/incredibly similar color (ie blue and blue, purple and magenta, dark green and slightly less dark green, NOT dark blue and cyan), one of them is the murderer.
Works around 87% of the time.
Tango:It's either Lima or Whiskey!
Lima and Whiskey:Why us?
Bravo:You're both pink!
Tango:So? The Twin Rule of Gmod Murder states that since you're twins, one of you is the murderer, simple as that.It's just how Gmod works.*shoots Whiskey*
*Game ends*
by Passing October 11, 2015
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