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a school district, but more specifically a high school, located in maple valley, washington. tahoma senior high is known to be overflowing with predominately white, upper-middle class kids who are spoiled to the extent that they uses mommy's money for the purchase of drugs on a daily basis. tahoma is also known for its mediocre sports teams. also notable is the sense of superiority that being a tahoma bear bestows upon students, although what there is to specifically be proud of is unclear.
at the end of the day, tahoma is just a regular suburban high school full of kids who don't know anything about the real world...ignorance is bliss, right?
dude, last night i got hella blazedd after the homecoming game and tonight i'm totally gonna get some from that hot freshman after the dance.

living the tahoma dream.
by sophomore oh eight May 09, 2008
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A school district full of upper-middle class white kids, with IQ's over 200, complaining about how ghetto their school is. Many of the students think that the schools are littered with white trash and coke heads wrecking havoc on innocent children, when really, that "hellish" reality never happens down in Maple Valley. There are a miniscule number of "stoners" who have probably only gotten high maybe once or twice. Out of the 2013-2015 classes, no more than 5 are truly screw-ups. In reality, most of these kids have no people smarts, no high-school experience, and plenty of wasted hours on Tumblr or Facebook complaining about tests, schoolwork, or how horrible their lives seem to be.

While some teachers have a curriculum full of standard high-school level classes, most teach extremely advanced classes, leaving hundreds of kids left with the mentality of rocket scientists. Having our next generation being well educated and full of promising science careers, does seem like a treat for many parents around Maple Valley, but for any student with desires of anything besides Math and Science, not only are the classes horribly put together, fellow students torment anyone who wants to be an artist, musician, or who don't plan to go to college, because many are taught that it "isn't the right way to go".
Most students believe getting as much salary and being as smart as possible is true success; most Tahoma kids are likely to grow up to be selfish, greedy people, unless they are the ones tormented because of different view points.

Because of poor people skills, many graduates have trouble being social outside of a classroom environment. This is because of both the immature mindset they have developed across the years as a "Tahomie" as well as the fact that hardly anybody bothered to talk to kids from different high schools. Plenty of kids were ignorant in their ways, because virtually nobody had told them what the real world was like. Virtually nobody said that it's okay to rebel as a kid. Nobody said it's okay to go to parties and TALK to people. Nobody bothered to mention that only socializing about class assignments or test scores, made them boring to the point of almost causing tears. Nobody mentioned how spending night after night on memebase or tumblr laughing at horrible jokes has been scientifically proven to make people lonely, depressed and crazy. Tahoma kids live in an ignorant, selfish, snotty world where a little drama here and there is really the only thing that can cause notable stress.

Ignorance is bliss.
by AshleeRyderJS January 26, 2013
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