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to taft; to outdo, best, or somehow surpass (particularly in a hilarious way); to perform a superlative act of one-upmanship.

NB: Tafting often happens in threes, since Taft was the only President to have served in all three branches of government. To taft is also used only to describe substantial or hyperbolic events, since Taft himself was famously obese.
She took my money, she took my dog, and now she's dating my sister! I've been Tafted.
by goobermandis August 21, 2010
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To be "Tafted" is to screw someone else in an extreme fashion, as if you have forcibly lodged them in a bathtub. Also implies that you are too obese to fit into a standard-sized bathtub

Refers to William Howard Taft, 27th President of the US who got stuck in the White House bathtub due to his extreme weight (>330 lbs, largest of any president).
"Fred was supposed to give me the presentation on Monday but didn't even show up for work. He totally Tafted me. I hate that guy."
by thaoneAP April 06, 2009
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