A large, two handed sword similar in style to the katana, but with the hilt and blade curving in different directions. Often used by samurai on horseback.
The samurai cut the stupid fucker's head off with his tachi sword.
by Darin Saine May 14, 2006
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1. a large Japanese sword

2. a slang word for the "top" or active partner in a homosexual relationship. Probably an abbreviation of "tachi-yaku" (standing-role), a Japanese word for the lead male protagonist in kabuki and other forms of traditional Japanese drama.
1. samurai wa tachi de teki no kubi o haneta ("The samurai lopped off the head of his enemy with a big sword.")

2. kare ga tachi da sou de sugoku umai to kiita yo ("It seems that he is a top, and I've heard that he's awesomely good at it.")
by nek0mimi December 20, 2009
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Japanese slang for the top in a homosexual relationship.

See also neko
Craig is such a tachi! I'm tired of bottoming!
by epyonnxt May 8, 2005
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A tachi is said to be more curved and slightly longer than the katana.
by Dancing with Fire June 18, 2011
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The bestest most smartest person in the world,really pretty and supper short.
likes to flirt and gives good hugs.
you will like this person when you get to meet them personality.
they make you laugh and always smiles.
You might be intimidated by this person at first but when you get to know them you find out theres more than just looks.
Tachie is amazing.
by yeaheatmyshit September 26, 2010
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Tachy is short for ventricular tachycardia, which is a a very rapid heart beat and a form of cardiac arrest.
From Firefly:
Doctor 1 : He's going tachy!
Doctor Tam : Ya, but his heart is beating.
by Dather May 18, 2009
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any name-tachi. In Japan you can attach tachi to a name and it means that persones group of friends.
Duo-tachi= duo's group
by Nasyki February 29, 2004
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