2 definitions by nek0mimi

1. a large Japanese sword

2. a slang word for the "top" or active partner in a homosexual relationship. Probably an abbreviation of "tachi-yaku" (standing-role), a Japanese word for the lead male protagonist in kabuki and other forms of traditional Japanese drama.
1. samurai wa tachi de teki no kubi o haneta ("The samurai lopped off the head of his enemy with a big sword.")

2. kare ga tachi da sou de sugoku umai to kiita yo ("It seems that he is a top, and I've heard that he's awesomely good at it.")
by nek0mimi December 20, 2009
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1. the basic Japanese noun for "cat."

2. Japanese slang for the "bottom" in a homosexual relationship. The claim that it is derived from the word for "cat" is a folk etymology; the true origin of the word is unknown, but it might be related to the Japanese verbs "neru" (寝る: to lie down, to lie supine; to go to bed, to go to sleep)/"nekaseru" (寝かせる: to put someone to bed, to lay somebody down) or the noun "nekko" (根っこ: the base of a tree, the roots around the bottom of a tree). It is the counterpart of "tachi" (タチ: the "top"), which might be related to Japanese "tachi" (太刀: a Japanese long sword) or "tachi" (立ち: standing (up), the state of being erect).
1. kawaii neko desu ne. ("That's a cute cat, amirite?")

2. kawaii neko desu ne. ("That's a cute bottom boy, amirite?")
by nek0mimi December 1, 2009
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