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tabish is a sexy boy who is very appealing to all sexes. he is athletic and handsome and knows how to attract the ladies, but has his heart easily captured by girls. tabish is a reliable lean-on-me kind of friend and he represents strength and honor. he is quite the sex machine in bed.
"i love my boyfriend"
"because he is tabish"
by November 24, 2009
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Aka"mr_stealyourshorddy",Aka"Tabish Sayed Rahman" Aka" Mr Fake White Air Forces" Aka "Mr.Tap out in 10secs"
Tabish Is a person who likes to claim shordys but when you ask them they reject his Steven hawking looking ass. He's also a drug user he likes to OD from Advil but somehow stay alive (Can i Get a Amen)
by Anonymous Mayo Slayer November 05, 2018
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From the word Tabernacle. A girl who has long hair, wears long blue jean dresses and usually wears no makeup.
My friend is looking a bit Tabish today.
by Commander164 February 03, 2015
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