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A person who keeps way too many tabs open, often to the point where Firefox has taken up all of their physical RAM due to its incessant memory leaks and has ballooned their page file within moments of starting up Firefox.

The severest case of a tab whore can be seen through this scenario: You have a lot of tabs open, so Firefox inevitably crashes. Rather than deal with loading up all those pages at once from the session restore tab, you start opening new tabs, thinking you'll deal with the session restore tab later. Eventually, Firefox crashes again; repeat several times. Now, you've got nested session restores going 5 or 6 layers deep and possibly a month back!
Hey man, my Firefox just crashed but our school has such a shitty internet connection that it's gonna take all day to reload all those tabs, so I'll just open new tabs after the session restore tab. God I'm such a tab whore.
by gamer_jason June 09, 2010
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A person who uses many different tabs instead of new windows when surfing the web. This person will have so many tabs up that he or she forgets that she has logged out or changed accounts on one site, then for the same site on a different tab, has outdated information up. Also, a tab whore may have so many tabs that it takes ten minutes to scroll across the tab bar.

Sometimes, the person forgets they open a tab, and half of the tabs are untitled blank pages.

That tab whore has so many tabs up her ass, she can't find all her websites.

Bane: What are you up to?
Moira: Tab whoring. I have so many, it takes me ten minutes to look through all of them to find the site I want!
by wrolov April 11, 2009
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(hôr, hr)
1.) A prostitute of your bar tab.
2.) Gets freebies like a chick.
2.)A person considered overly overt of taking advantage of you and your money.
3.)A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

intr.v. (Tab whored, Tab whor·ing, Tab whores)
1.) To accept payment in exchange for nothing.(Like when a woman asks you to buy a drink)
2.)To compromise one's principles for personal gain by being too cheap to pay for anything.
3.)Also known as House-Cat
4.)A person who has no reservations about taking advantage of another person and there money.
"Billy! your an f-ing tab whore everytime we go out your always stiffing me on the tab. Nor, have i seen your cheap ass buy beer for poker night in the last century."
by Dave Nelson January 31, 2005
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A dying breed of women addicted to Tab cola. In the 80's during the diet soda's heyday, these woman could be seen in sidewalk cafe's everywhere drinking out of the iconic pink can with a straw. They have been known to pull each others permed hair out over who got the last Tab. Tab Whores today have evolved in Diet Coke Whores and Diet Dr. Pepper Whores.
"Ashley, did you take the last Tab?"

"Yeah, sorry. I'm a Tab Whore."
by Dude Erodomy March 08, 2005
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A person who opens an excessive amount of tabs in their browser, and refuses to close them while shouting "They're mine! Mine! You can't take them away from me!"
Mike: You have way too many tabs open. You don't use them all, do you?


Mike: You are such a tab-whore.
by genericpseudonymthatisnice January 11, 2012
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pedophilic korean men who have strange fetishes for anal sex with a "bewitched" witches daughters, while listening to "candyman" by aqua and drinking non alcholic pear wine
damn you tab whore, at least start doing someone with better tastes in wands
by Chlotilde January 07, 2005
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A person in irc who uses the tab key exsesively, frequently relying on it to get peoples names but usually does not.

Also see X-runner
(person): Hello Person3
(person): i mean person2
(person): :P
by The_Guy_Who July 25, 2004
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