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Wearing a T-Shirt like a pair of shorts, putting one leg through each of the arm holes, and letting the middle hole provide a nice, cool breeze. A-la Marc Clark's 'Cozmik Collection'.

Can be seen worn with braces to hold them up in place of a belt.
'Sick T-Shorts, bro. Totally fuckin' swag.'
'Mate, you look like a fucking twat wearing your T-shirt like that'.
by Whippity G July 27, 2014
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A common dress combo consisting of a t-shirt and shorts.
Its really nice weather outside, I think Ill put my t-shorts on.
by Bloodsworth January 11, 2007
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A shirt used to cover the legs
The woman showed off her legs with the T-Shorts
"These T-Shorts are really big!"
via giphy
by poops of the chicken July 12, 2016
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