Default position of 3D models standing straight with spread-eagle arms, tailored into a meme most notably by the instagram channel wokeist.
Cashier: Sir that'll be seventeen doll-...what are you doing?
Jared: *In the T-pose*
by j i j February 28, 2018
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I way to express yourself as the dominant species in certain situations. If you are counter t posed you can reee to show you extreme dominance aswell
Bully - give me your money
Guy - *t pose*
Bully - sorry man here's mine
by Joey Forhay May 17, 2018
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Jesus did it first, and asserted his dominance on the cross.
When your friend thinks he is cool, T pose to assert your dominance.
by sir climer the great November 21, 2018
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A T-Pose is a way using the comedic affect of randomness by standing up and spreading your arms out to make your body look like a T. This originally came from video game original character files where they would be doing a T-Pose.
Man do you see James do that T-pose in math today what a savage.
by ilikefajitas04 May 29, 2018
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An anti-thot group that is on the front lines of the war on thots. The main way that is used to dispatch these horrible abominations by this group is by t- posing (the art of closing around a target with arms out in a t-pose trapping them in between the thot officers.)
Person 1: Do you see that tier 4 thot over there?
Person 2: Yeah, should we go t-pose that bitch?
Person 1: No we should wait for backup it looks powerful.
by Thot Vaporizer III May 17, 2018
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