A nu metal band with a unique sound. Very skilled. Sing what they feel. Play what they feel.
People need to stop flooding this page with their opinions that SOAD is the best. That isnt true. No band is the best. Just because you like one band over another doesnt mean they are the best. Its your opinion if they are good or not.
by Fair November 10, 2003
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Without a doubt, the best nu-metal band (and band in general) to ever grace foolish America with its music. Serj Tankian is trying to steer America off its path to destruction through his unbelievable (and true) lyrics, and the band's sounds are kick-ass besides!
I suddenly realized all of America's problems after I picked up that System of a Down CD.
by third_ech3lon January 29, 2005
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System of A Down, or SoaD for short is the greatest band out there. Their lead singer Sarj Tankian and the gutairist Daron Malakian met at their bands seprete recordings. They got along well and they started a band togeather. They ended up getting John Dolmayan the drummer and Shavo Odadjian the bass player. They have released three cds to date. Their Self-Titled System Of A Down, Toxicity, and Steal this Album!. At the current time they are recording a two new cd deal, Hyptnotise and Mesmorize. They are fairly popular and speak aginst war and speak for human rights. They do this in their songs. (War, BYBO, F the System, Boom, Prision Song, Deer Dance, and some others) I would classify them as a metal band. Not a heavier one.
System Of a Down is the greatest band to have ever walked this planet.
by Kiley THE SOAD ADDICT April 02, 2005
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Who said SOAD was pop music? theyre not pop music they are KICKASS ROCKNROLL BITCHES
SOAD is not pop
by stuey April 02, 2004
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I will also hunt down and kill anyone who says System of a Down is pop because they are the greatest band around.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
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a great band who have entered the mainstream and yes, have a lot of retarded fans. probaly gay teenage goths and posers or people who have only heard aerials, chop suey and toxicity, but the vocals simply cannot be beat and each member has great songwriting skills and a unique musical style
system of a down is brilliant
by GEORGE November 05, 2003
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Dispelling of SOAD.

Hypocrites? - What the fuck? Just because they make money? People have to make money to live, everyone has to make a living. It's not how much you make that makes you an asshole but what you do with it and how you made it. They are earning an honest living doing something they LIKE for a REASON. Not to mention they are part of Axis of Justice (a non profit organisation, if you have any resourcefullness about yourself you can bloody well look it up) not to mention that they donate generously. How many people get killed in the process of SOAD honestly earning their money? You people have no idea *sigh*

Crap Music? - Geeez, everyone makes "joke songs" even the most serious of musicians have joke songs. If SOAD aren't to your taste don't listen to them, don't write about them, don't have anything to do with them you are just deliberatley making yourself a flaming magnet. Talking about SOAD is exclusive to SOAD fans and people who like their music. You don't want people paying out your music, you don't hear me going out and "dissin'" rappers and putting comments about emininem, purley BECAUSE I don't like them and don't want to have anything to do with them or their fans.

Fans - You can't classify SOAD fans into one specific group. Just like other music people from all walks of life listen to SOAD. It would be unfair for me to say "only gangster try-hard 'hardcore' wannabe posers listen to rap" Listen to whatever music you want and everyone else who doesn't like it can just live with it. You aren't changing anything. There are people like me who listen to SOAD as well as alot of other music (Metal and guitar based music is my interest)

That's pretty much all I need to say, it all pretty much speaks for itself. I don't care if you give me thumbs down. It just proves your ignorance seeing I didn't childishly insult anyone.
Incompentant Tool - *posting on urbandictionary* I will now spread my opinion about a system of a down just because I dont like them, as if it matters to anyone reading it. I think I will be obnoxious and piss everyone off. I know noone will agree with my opinion but noone had better diss my music
by AngryDuncan December 21, 2006
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