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A place where twats from London wander about like there somebody special.
People of note who live in Nottinghill:
Hugh Grant
Little Joe
by Silent_Bob May 22, 2004
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A very sweary 8 year old school kid obsessed with online PC games.
Eminem has a dirtier mouth than LittleJoe
by Silent_Bob May 22, 2004
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System of a Down

proper noun: Popular American musical act variously labeled as rock, hard rock, metal, or (rarely) punk. Most popular songs include, "Chop Suey" and "Toxicity"

*Footnote: Once labeled by Liam Gallagher of Oasis as the worst band in history. Love SOAD? Love Oasis? Hate em' all? Interpret as desired.
by Silent_Bob July 07, 2003
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